Floral Lucire issue 32 cover, photographed by Claire Harrison and styled by Adelaide Turnbull. More information here.

Gravity on DVD Well done, Gravity, placing ads in Lucire today. Our 2014 Oscar coverage is here, and browse the site for the pre-Oscar suites’ reports by Elyse Glickman.

From fashion to fantasy We’re so proud of our friend and colleague, Carolyn Enting (of Mindfood), whose novel, The Medallion of Auratus (the first in an Ocean Quest series) débuts today! Read our article here or head straight to Amazon. Ebooks are on sale first, print editions to follow.

Today, we fight back Depending on where you are, you will see today on Lucire and related sites one of two campaign ads for the Day We Fight Back, a protest against government surveillance. We believe in your privacy, and we do not believe governments or corporations should have easy access to your private information. We urge you to sign the petition, or call your or email your representative.

Audrey Hepburn, in memoriam For the record, when we published our cover story today, we had no idea it was the 21st anniversary of Audrey Hepburn’s passing. Rest in peace, Audrey.

Bottoms up The bottom of the web pages has changed, too, assuming you scroll down that far. The information is the same, but we made the layout more contemporary. The burgundy we chose in the old footer (top image) dated from 2009. (We aren’t quite comparing Apples with Apples though: the top shot is from OS X and the above one from Windows 7, both running Firefox.)

Lucire’s news pages, rejigged

We created a new look for our home page in the last week of December. We’ve now rolled it out to our 2,800 news pages, which were beginning to get a bit messy, and we’ve introduced Disqus comments there, too, replacing the standard Wordpress ones, after seeing how well they worked with our features. Check it out here.

Absorbed in Lucire This photo, from swimwear label Surface Too Deep, could almost be an ad for Lucire. On the left: read Lucire and stay engaged. On the right: read some other magazine and get bored. We don’t think that was the intended message though (and we have colleagues at the other title whom we like).


Yves Saint Laurent and Victoire Doutreleau, 1962.

The real deal The bio-pic YSL opens today in France. Full story here.

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